TVGuide@SG Pro App Reviews

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Very helpful,

Not sure what has happened recently, doesn't load data right now, but previously, extremely helpful. Much, much faster and easier than wading through the clumsy cable/satellite TV interfaces. You could easily search for shows you wanted to see, set reminders, search channels, etc. Very nice little app, I hope they get it back up and running!


The app was quite good at in the beginning. Now it does not load any program anymore, neither from the favourites, starhub or mio, just mediacorp works. Don't bother downloading it!

A must have app!!!

Thank u for keeping it free w/o ads. Luv it n will recommend it to everyone 

Outdated channel listings

Nice app, but channel listings are now outdated (mio TV). Needs content updates!


This is a great app love it.

No programs details between midnight to 6am!

Why are program details missing from midnight to 6am for some channels???

Marvellous! Must have!

Best free app for updated tv shows!

Omission and Duplicate Channels

In version 1.0, StarHub Channel 62 shows up twice, and Channel 74 is not in the list. The error still exist in version 1.0.1. However, the "About" in version 1.0.1 indicates it's actually a version 1.0. Are we confused yet? :p Nevertheless it's a good, easy to use app that serves its purposes very well.

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